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Welcome to La Fee Verte Absinthe House!
The Oldest, Largest, Most Visited, Most Authoritative Absinthe Site.
Established 1997.

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READ our Fee Verte FAQ for up-to-date, accurate information on absinthe. You’ll find all the most obvious questions about what absinthe is, how it’s drunk, and what its effects are, answered here.

CONSULT our comprehensive Absinthe Buyers Guide before deciding which absinthe to buy – the reviews are the most expert, fearless and detailed on the net. New reviews are added every few weeks, so the information is always current and relevant.

JOIN the Fee Verte Forum. Some of the biggest names in the world of absinthe – authors, historians, distillers, distributors - gather here, as well as absinthe amateurs and enthusiasts from all over the world. The discussions are free-wheeling and wide-ranging and cover not just absinthe itself, but art, politics and entertainment.

ENJOY this magical and romantic drink. Legitimate absinthe is available now to most people all over the world from many different sources, albeit in differing levels of quality. Do your homework first though, and…


…buy do-it-yourself absinthe herb mixtures or kits. You CANNOT make absinthe by just soaking herbs in alcohol. All real absinthe is made from direct distillation of herbs, or from distilled herbal essences. Just macerating wormwood in alcohol doesn't make abisnthe, anymore than soaking juniper berries in vodka makes gin.

…believe the hype about thujone. Despite what you may have heard or read from uninformed sources, thujone was present in only very small quantities in original 19th century absinthe, and has almost nothing to do with product quality or an absinthe’s “absinthe-ness”.

…expect absinthe to be very bitter. Well made absinthe isn’t.


Our sister sites

The Virtual Absinthe Museum - The centre for research into the history, literature and lore of absinthe, with hundreds of original documents in PDF format and a comprehensive photo-archive of absinthe-related art and antiques.

Thujone Info - Accurate, authoritative information about thujone, the controversial active ingredient in absinthe, including abstracts (and when possible full-text versions) of all significant peer-reviewed scientific papers on the subject. - Europes #1 absinthe vendor. A one-stop online megastore with the widest range of absinthes and absinthe accessories on the net. Including the award winning absinthes from Jade, Archive Spirits and Emile Pernot.

Emile Pernot Distillery - One of only two distilleries from the absinthe era, still surviving in Pontarlier. The website features the full range of the distilleries products and exclusive limited edition releases.

Absinthe Classics - Shipping out of the UK, absinthe classics has a carefully selected range of the very finest distilled absinthes and some unique accessories.


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