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The History of Fée Verte

A Visual Retrospective

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1997 - 2005 The Fée Verte Absinthe House was originally conceived of and built by Kallisti.

The site began in its infant form during the summer of 1997 during a period of underemployment while Kallisti was living in New Orleans. Originally conceived as a gallery of absinthe related images, it quickly (very quickly) became apparent that there was quite a demand for accurate information on the elusive substance itself.

At the time, very little was known about Absinthe. There were rumours that you could still get bottles of it in Spain where it was never outlawed. And whispers from the Czech Republic that they were making it there as well came drifting back from expats living in Prague (One whiff from the bottle and yow! It hasn't been opened again since). In the swampy nether regions of the United States, an ambitious chemist with a twist for the romantic quietly fretted over understanding the secrets of absinthe manufacture by analyzing vintage bottle samples. And his results O! Are partly the reason this site is still here. From all over the world seekers and enthusiasts came to to find and respectively share the answers.

It is strange to think back now to what a mystery it all was just a few years ago. The media didn't help, occasionally picking up the story everytime an idiot had an accident with wormwood oil or the drink was featured in a film. They would pick up and re-disseminate all the old, bad myths about absinthe that we were trying so hard to dispel. It is getting better, for every Maxim article, there is a decent Food Channel documentary that takes you to the heart and history of absinthe.

The site has been referenced in articles and books in several languages the world over. Kallisti would like to give her heartfelt thanks to all who have made this experience a worthwhile one. In 2003 she married fellow forum member Head_prosthesis, who dragged his midwestern cornfed ass all the way out to Californy from Michigan to make her his bride. Yeehaw!

Kallisti ran the site until January, 2005 when it was sold to a dear friend, fellow enthusiast, and long standing forum member Oxygenee.

2005 and onward!

A note from Oxygenee: It's a privilege to take over this site from the remarkable Kallisti, who's single-handedly done more than anyone on earth to disseminate accurate, reliable information on a subject so often shrouded in both ignorance and wilful misinformation. Over the course of 2005 you'll see the introduction of some changes and enhancements, particularly in the FAQ and Buyers Guide sections, but the core structure of the site will remain intact, including the very active Forum, the biggest and most lively clearing house for absinthe discussion on the net. Best of all, Kallisti and her equally remarkable partner, the mysterious and enigmatic Head_prosthesis, have agreed to stay involved with this project on an emeritus basis, so the old and the new should blend into a seamless whole - rather like a well mixed absinthe...