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One of the fascinations of absinthe is the wide variety of elaborate accoutrements that were used in the ritual of preparation and the exotic adverts, ranging from broad poster art, whimsical ephemera, to bar towels, and dog pitchers.

Absinthe mania reached its peak during the blossoming of a modern advertising revolution. Both posters and packaging are often highly stylized examples of the most famous art form of the day, art nouveau. The accoutrements are frequently exquisite examples of specialized bar ware, and due to their unique specialization even the simplest and most common examples are alien and magical to the modern enthusiast.

Through & various reputable dealers both domestic and abroad, some items have become easier to find, and certainly less expensive than they were just a few years ago, especially original spoons and glassware. There are now numerous examples of fine, high quality reproductions available from reputable dealers and manufacturers as well.

This Absinthiana Guide is provided courtesy of our sister site at, and is an example of fine and unusual items from one of the most proliferate collectors of absinthiana in the world. For more everyday examples please consult the books of Marie-Claude Delahaye, or the collections of some of our vendors.

Thanks again to all who contribute, friends every one.