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spoons & glassware

Absinthe Originals
Buy Original Absinthe Antiques & Absinthiana

The premier source for high quality absinthe-related antiques and artworks.
These include original Belle Epoque posters and prints, absinthe carafes and
fountains with publicity markings, absinthe glasses and saucers, and a wide
range of authentic absinthe spoons and grilles, priced from $45 to several
thousand dollars.

The Absinthe Spoon
Buy High Quality Replica Absinthe Spoons, Glasses & Fountains

Belle Epoque era absinthe antiques are often expensive, and sometimes,
because of their fragility, not suitable for everyday use. For many absintheurs,
the answer is high quality replicas, lovingly recreated from rare orginals. A
wonderful range of these are now available, at very reasonable prices.

Kirk Burkett Gallery at The Virtual Absinthe Museum
Buy Absinthe Grilles Handcrafted by the Acclaimed Master Silversmith

The well known Virginia-based artist Kirk Burkett brings his skills as a master craftsman in silver
and his passion as an absintheur together in this extraordinary range of sterling silver absinthe
grilles and spoons. These highly original and beautifully worked pieces are the first modern
rethinking of a classic absinthe artifact in over a century, and have been greeted with acclaim on
both sides of the Atlantic. These gorgeous pieces are exclusively available through the Virtual
Absinthe Museum.

books & art

The Virtual Absinthe Museum Book Shop
Books on Absinthe, and Absinthe-related Poetry and Prose

Exclusive private press limited editions - we're the exclusive online source for the Nepenthes
Press - together with the best and most authorative modern books on absinthe (including Conrad's
Absinthe - History in a Bottle) and a selection of absinthe-influenced music and film. For those
able to read basic French, we've also recently added A comme Absinthe - Z comme Zola, the latest
book by the renowned French art-historian Benoit Noel.

The Virtual Absinthe Museum Print Shop
Buy Prints of the Most Extraordinary Absinthe Posters & Art

An ever-expanding range of high quality reproductions of many of the rarest, most beautiful and
most interesting posters, artworks and photographs in the Oxygénée collection. Most of these
images are not available elsewhere on the web, and many are based on unique originals. They range
from gorgeous art-nouveau creations - Absinthe Robette, Absinthe Blanqui, and Absinthe Rosinette
all come immediately to mind - to whimsically humorous images like the famous Absinthe Bourgeois
"Chat Noir" and Absinthe Barth's cheerily monocled society gent, to the sometimes frightening but
always compelling posters produced by both the pro- and anti-absinthe movements.

Yaneff Posters
Rare original Absinthe and Belle Epoque posters in the smaller "Maitres d'Affiche" format. Just do a search on "absinthe" and a vintage Absinthe Robette poster might pop up. Also many original Toulouse Lautrec posters.