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ways of inferior quality, disastrous for the physiology, because of empyreumatic essential oils with which they are always charged and which never completely dissolve in the liqueur. It is hardly ever used except in low-class establishments where it pleases the special customers to whom it is served, precisely because of the hot bitter flavor which it possesses and which flatters bored palates.

The best absinthes are those which are manufac- tured, with all possible care, in Pontarlier, Montpellier and Lyon, and which are classified under the general name of Swiss Absinthe.

Here are formulas and processes used to prepare them.

Swiss Absinthe of Pontarlier
Grand Wormwood, dried and stripped 2 kil. 500
Green Anise 5
Fennel of Florence 5
Alcohol at 85 degrees 95 litres

Macerate the ingredients with the alcohol for twelve hours or less in a double boiler, then add 45 liters of water heated to 60-80 degrees, and distill slowly, preferably with steam, to obtain 95 liters of product which will be used to prepare the liqueur. Nevertheless, continue distilling, just until the liquid coming out of the still reads zero on the alcohol meter. This blanquette, though only slightly alcoholic, is precious; it contains much essence and it is poured into subsequent batches along with the alcohol and the plants.

The distilled liquid, very fragrant, is white or color-

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Translated by Artemis

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