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Please read this doc before ENTERING THE FORUM for the first time!
If you have never visited the Absinthe Forum, you are required (!) to read this document. This FAQ consists of, surprise! The most Frequently Asked Questions on this site & forum. Not only should you read this document thoroughly before posting, but you should check out the rest of the site. Almost everything you need to know is here somewhere. But if you don't find what you're looking for, or just want to hobnob with others passionate about absinthe (and a good many other subjects), come on in.

~ Management



  1. What is Absinthe?
  2. Why was absinthe banned?
  3. Was the banning of absinthe rational?
  4. Did absinthe vanish from the earth after the ban?
  5. How can I get a taste of absinthe?
  6. What does absinthe taste like?
  7. What are the ingredients in absinthe?
  8. How is absinthe made?
  9. Why is absinthe green??
  10. Will absinthe hurt me?
  11. But what about thujone?
  12. So why does the European Union impose limits on Thujone in liquor?
  13. What limits on Thujone does the U.S. set?
  14. So will I get arrested for possession of absinthe in the U.S.?
  15. Will absinthe make me trip?
  16. Then why drink absinthe at all?
  17. What is absinth?
  18. How should absinthe be served?
  19. What about setting the sugar on fire?
  20. Isn't absinthe terribly bitter?
  21. Can I make my own absinthe?
  22. What about those procedures I found on the Internet, such as soaking wormwood in vodka, or dosing Pernod with wormwood extract?
  23. Why don't we in the U.S. all write to our legislators to get absinthe legalized?


NOTE: The Absinthe Forum is publicly readable but in order to post you must register first. To register you must have a valid email address and be of legal drinking age in your country or state.

1) ATMOSPHERE:  Founded in 1997, Fee Verte is the oldest, biggest and most quoted online absinthe forum. We have a diverse, opinionated and passionate membership. Many of the key figures in the modern absinthe renaissance are members and regular contributors. Newcomers are welcomed, but please read our Absinthe FAQ carefully before posting – many basic questions are answered there. On joining the forum, please introduce yourself in the sub-forum provided. Like all true absintheurs, our members respect intelligence, knowledge, expertise, craftsmanship, artistic skill, creativity, independent thought, generosity of spirit, wit, humor, eccentricity, unusual physical beauty, and the ability to pour really slowly. If you have none of these qualities, we’ll settle for “not being an asshole”.

2) POSTING:  Don’t start a new thread if there is an existing one which already deals with the topic you have in mind. When starting a new thread, please pick the forum sub-section that is closest to your subject. Due to the organic nature of the forum, we of course won't require that the thread remains on topic once it has started to veer, but we will move threads to a more appropriate section of the forum if necessary. When posting, please don’t quote the post immediately above yours unless absolutely necessary. If you must quote a previous post, only quote the words or phrases directly relevant to your post.

3) PROFILES, AVATARS, AND SIGNATURE LINES:  Please select an avatar and complete your personal profile before posting. Signature lines are entirely optional, but if you do add one, it should be brief, relevant and should not contain links to other sites.

4) FORBIDDEN SUBJECTS:  Discussions at Fee Verte are freewheeling and wide-ranging, and cover not just absinthe (and everything related to it) itself, but art, entertainment, politics, religion history and culture. Very few topics are off-limits, with the following noticeable exceptions:

  1. In order to protect all members and forum participants from unwanted attention from such agencies as the ATF, please do not discuss clandestine or home distillation, or the products of such activities, which are illegal in the US.
  2. Please also do not discuss the details of shipping or courier arrangements used to send absinthe to the US.
  3. Please always be aware that this is a publicly accessible forum. Inappropriate posts will be deleted. Please contact a moderator if you have any questions.

5) TROLLS:  We will not tolerate them, and they will be dealt with swiftly, silently and permanently.

6) CORRECT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR: We’re strongly in favor of it. It’s an elementary courtesy to your fellow members to express yourself clearly, lucidly and correctly. If you can’t spell, use a spell-checker. Allowances will of course be made for members who are not native English speakers (who are also welcome to post in their own language).

7) PRIVACY: Our members’ right to privacy is non-negotiable. You may not mention in any online post or PM sent via our messaging system another members personal contact details (real name, address, email address, telephone number etc) without the other person's express permission. Doing so, especially if the forum administrators believe it was done deliberately, is grounds for immediate expulsion. This forum operates on a system of mutual trust and respect, and we will not tolerate behavior that jeopardizes our members’ personal life, personal decisions & boundaries.

8) FLAMING:  Anyone baiting or insulting other forum members in a violent or unpleasantly vitriolic manner (or responding to such baiting in an equally offensive way) may have their account suspended for one week, without warning. Repeat offenders may have their account suspended for a longer period, or permanently revoked, entirely at the moderator's discretion. Direct threats of physical violence are grounds for immediate expulsion.

9) HATE MAIL:  If you send hate mail or inflammatory mail to either the admins or other forum members it will be publicly posted, your account will be revoked, and you may be reported to your ISP.