TITLE: Absinthe Prohibition in France 1915
CREATOR: by Gantner
DATE: 1915
DESCRIPTION: Less well know than Gantner's poster for the prohibition of absinthe in Switzerland, is this companion lithograph lamenting the final prohibition of absinthe in France 5 years later, by ministerial decree of 7th January 1915. In the centre, trampling the mortally wounded Green Fairy, is Raymond Poincairé, President of the French Republic, while in the background French troops are shown engaged in the first terrible battles of the Great War. The white ribbon at the bottom "Les Habitués d'..." is left blank, to allow the name of the bar or café that purchased the poster to be added.

This poster was discovered in 1970 on the premises of an old café - Le bar de l'Univers - Café Caramy in Brignoles, a small town on the route from Marseille to Cannes. In 1920 the building was condemned and walled up. 50 years later, when a new owner commenced renovations, the poster was found hanging behind a door.

ORIGINAL SIZE: 67cm x 48cm
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