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"Wormwood: A Drama of Paris" by Marie Corelli 1890
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Absinthe News
September 10
Kallisti has moved!

In case anyone has noticed, I have not been around in the past 6 weeks to answer email, reply to the Absinthe Book, or to tend to other similar disasters ... because I have packed up my bags (containing a lamp, antique fire bellows, various alcoholic beverages and other ornaments) and moved my lilac scented self back to San Francisco, from whence I came.

Also, in case any of you noticed, the "Absinthe Book" went kablooey a couple weeks ago due to Dreambook losing my settings for the book. An archived text file of all the Hi-Lites of The Absinthe Book for the past year can be found HERE.

In the mean time I have replaced The Absinthe Book with The Absinthe Forum, a message board style forum for your delectation and enjoyment. Irrelevant postings will be deleted. So, La!

La Muse Verte Pastis
May 1
La Muse Verte: I have just received a bottle of a french pastis that has recently been imported to the states ... their gimmick? Why, absinthe of course. To quote from the May/June issue of Saveur (a frou-frou cooking magazine), "La Muse Verte, which calls itself Le Pastis d"autrfois (meaning 'the pastis of an earlier time'), comes in a paper wrapped bottle with a replica of an absinthe spoon attached; this flat, slotted implement is placed over your glass, a sugar cube is positioned on it, and water is slowly dripped over the cube. ( La Muse Verte is unsweetened.)"

It is indeed a lovely Pastis. The coloring is authentic, and the flavor more complex than either Pernod or Herbsaint. It has a stronger anise flavor than absinthe (it is, afterall, a pastis), but the packaging is delightful, and the repro-spoon is made of steel. For a gimmick, it is very well done.

A bottle of "la Muse Verte" will run you about $40, and is distributed by :

    CVI Brands (800) 595-1768: distribution is currently limited, but they will be more than happy to give you the number of someone who will ship you a bottle or two.

Thanks to Maria for sending me the info!

April 22
Mining Co. Best of the Net "The Mining Co." has done a bang-up article on Absinthe, with some great net resources.

And then they gave me this ==>>
April 7
Wired News: Fringe. Interviewed along with cohorts and friends by Wired, my Alma Mater, in regards to "that swill". See what PEARLS of WISDOM rain like dewdrops from our green tinged lips ...
February 8
Have you danced with the Green Fairy? Want to help modern science dispel or confirm the myths surrounding Absinthe? Here is a survey from the same people who brought you the original Absinthe FAQ. Get involved!

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