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by Mordantia Bat


Mordantia Bat's

Absinthe Experiments


These are some "portraits" of my absinthe experiments. Note that the bottles are mostly empty. Yes, the absinthe hath been consumed some time ago.

My first forays into attempting to make absinthe were in the late '80s. A co-worker I had at the time, knowing my literary bent, told me I should make "bathtub absinthe" and he could provide me with fresh wormwood he happened to have growing in his yard.

At the time, I knew nothing about making absinthe. Of course, I had heard of it -- the 19th Century authors often associated with absinthe have long been some of my favorites.

So, armed with a batch of freshly-picked wormwood and a desire to take on this strange project, I perused reference books at the library and found only a few mentions of absinthe and only hints of what to use as ingredients.

With what little information I could find on it back then, I eked out a recipe not unlike the maceration-type recipes now easily found on the Internet.

My first recipe used a high-proof vodka as the base for macerating the herbs. It turned out okay and definitely had a kick to it.

Although I have never really perfected a truly yummy recipe (as Kallisti since has), my absinthe was a novelty at many a party back in the late '80s.

And I have the empty bottles to prove that.